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Any child needs the same, LOVE and CARE

My name is Archisha and I am 8th grader at Chaboya middle school. I volunteered in the InFUSE Summer Camp. While volunteering, I was thinking that I might be helping out, supervising, or doing some prep work for the children. But in InFuse, I got the opportunities of playing with them, doing hands-on activities with them, and going on field trips with all these children. Through this camp I made some very entrusting friendships.

Being a part of the InFuse team has made me learn that not only am I impacting someone else’s life but my own at the same time. When I was first given the opportunity, I was extremely stoked, but at the same time I didn’t know what to expect. After an amazing first day at camp, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the new friends I had made, the new skills I had learned, and what exciting activity we would do the next day. Each day, I couldn’t stop thinking how much fun we had, and how much more fun we will have the next day. Volunteering has taught me that when helping others achieve a goal or even helping someone finish a task, is one of the best feelings in the world. It is such a pleasure to see someone you have helped complete a task no matter how big or small. I have also learned that giving some of your time to your community actually makes a difference in the world. My memories and learnings from this camp will always stay with me forever, and I cannot wait for where InFuse will lead us to. The uniqueness of InFuse is to reach out to Special Need children and include everyone. While working in it made me realize that each of these children have a special, unique, and a very strong capability, just like any other child they need the same that is LOVE and CARE.

Again, I am very thankful to Lavanya and Selvi aunty for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me. I am thankful for all of the teachers who guided and supported me. And most importantly, I’m thankful for all of the students for being a part of this enriching experience.

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