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To provide a safe, empowering and inclusive environment to our students with different abilities, that enables them to learn skills to lead productive lives, while nurturing and enhancing their unique talents and strengths.

Disclaimer:  We do not provide any therapy or medical advice. We are individuals who have the passion to create a unique program that will benefit our students through an after school program. The program is designed in consultation with a Special Education teacher, Speech therapist, Occupational Therapist and ABA Therapist. They will continue to remain as consultants for the program. All volunteers and other staff are trained accordingly. The specialists DO NOT provide any direct services.

Peer Interaction Dance Program

​IInFUSE dance program has been conducted even before InFUSE was founded. The program has been extremely successful and led to the founding of InFuse

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Peer Interaction Music Program

​Music program has been offered at InFUSE for the past two years. Ms. Radha is our instructor

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​InFUSE conducts varios workshops over the year. This year summer we conducted a career preparation workshop and robotics workshop

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After School Program
The InFuse team is working on providing quality After-School Care our children. After School program will start in August of 2017. 
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