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Peer Interaction Dance Program

Indian-Fusion Dance Academy has been conducting the special need peer interaction program through dance successfully over 15 years. The program has grown over the years and has been successful in attaining the goals that it was created for.

With passionate instructors, dedicated volunteers and supportive parents are the main reasons for the success of the program. The participants have made gains in several areas and have been able to perform in the community at least 3 times a year.


The focus of the program is :

  • social Interaction skills 

  • improve motor coordination

  • self confidence

  • Awareness in the community

  • Involve Middle school and High School Volunteers from the community

  • Enhance stage skills and many more...

Performance Video by InFUSE students participating in Peer interaction class from the recent show that was held at Evergreen High School Theater On November 16th, 2019

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