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The InFuse Team:

We are Friends United for Special Students Empowerment

InFuse was founded in April 2017 by Selvi Pragasam and Lavanya Gopal along with their spouses Ravi Pragasam and Gopal Ramanujam and sons Brenden Pragasam and Vaibhav Gopal. The team is passionate about making a difference in the life of kids with varied abilities. Selvi and Lavanya Gopal are both parents of neuro diverse children so they are passionate about making a difference in the lives of other nuero diverse children

The program will provide appropriate training and customized education to prepare our children and young adults for their future while nurturing and enhancing their unique talents and strengths.

Team Infuse has been already running successfully a Special Need Peer Interaction Program for over 15 years. That program enhances Social Skills, Motor Skills and Self Esteem and confidence through dance music and stage performances. The program also involved middle school and high school volunteers from the community as peers to enable social interaction.

Our Staff

InFuse staff comprises mostly of parents of Special need children trained in different techniques. We have staff who are trained in ABA, Emotional Educational Technique(EFT), Yoga and Educators. Our team of volunteers comprise of community members who are vested in our vision of providing the best possible to our students with differing needs. Many of our volunteers are middle school and high school students who extend the service not just in the center but also into schools where they are one among the Nuero Diverse students.

Child Safety


Safety in the program is our priority. We have staff who are CPR trained and well aware of safety issues while working with children physical and behavioral issues.

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