Disclaimer: We do not provide any therapy or medical advice. We are individuals who have the passion to create a unique program that will benefit our students through an after school program. The program is designed in consultation with a Special Education teacher, Speech therapist, Occupational Therapist and ABA Therapist. They will continue to remain as consultants for the program. All volunteers and other staff are trained accordingly. The specialists DO NOT provide any direct services.

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InFUSE had its pilot Summer Camp, from July 17th to 30th. Each special child’s strengths and challenges were analyzed from their IEPs, from talking to their parents and by observation. Since the program is designed and created by special educators and parents of special need children, it addresses issues that are important to both sides. The students were involved in every project presented according to their strengths thereby making them more confident and successful. They were happy to do tasks in a positive environment where there were peers who were accepting, encouraging and helpful and they felt strong and confident. They made friends and socialized. Even students who were nonverbal, made an attempt to communicate how happy they were and wanted to keep coming back.

The peers were all screened to make sure they were a good match to the students.


During the two weeks, the students planted succulents, learnt how to care for them. They created Fish tanks and learnt about Betta fish, their mannerisms, learnt about fire safety and created safety magnets. They created beautiful jewelry scarves. They went as groups to the grocery store each with their own list of items to buy. They price compared, learnt to read labels and bought items within the budget given. They then used the ingredients to make quesadillas and cheese nachos. The students were left to experiment different recipes and they all came out yummy.


All items created were to raise funds for the SJ FireFighters. The fundraiser was on July 30th in the Evergreen Farmers market. The students did the planning, marketing and sales for the fundraiser. The community came together to support the cause and we were all sold out of the items. We fundraised $1,398 within a matter of 4 hours.

The Program focused on:

  • Peer Interaction, Communication Skills & Social Skills

  • Music, Dance & Rhythm

  • Money Skills, Time Management

  • Design, Create, Art and Crafts

  • Plan, Marketing and sales

  • Self Advocacy

  • Self Help, Cooking & Culinary Arts & More!!

Summer Pilot Program

SJ Burn Foundation Fundraiser

At The Villages Fire Station

August 27th

Students from InFUSE went in person to hand over the 

Fundraised check to the Fire Fighters. It was a wonderful field trip when the fire fighters educated to students with the different tasks they do, how they deal with emergencies, explained about their equipment and fire truck and handed out safety brochures and other safety related materials

The money raised by the fundraiser held was donated to the Firefighters association. The event was covered by our young volunteer Brenden Pragasam and was published in the Evergreem Times

Here is the quote from Evergreen Times

"Educating people with disabilities has always been sidelined due to the lack of resources and the choice of allocating these resources between high achieving students in the community and children with disabilities. While special education schools are trying their best to try to educate these children with limited resources, there is a huge scarcity for programs outside the school like quality Summer camps and Afterschool programs. Programs which attempted to incorporate children with disabilities are not successful mainly due to lack of expertise in teaching these children and the cost involved.


InFUSE was founded by special education teachers and parents of special need children in an attempt to aid the quality education of students with varied abilities and address above issues. The program is unique in going beyond the four walls of a classroom.  InFUSE identifies individual potential and trains them to have success in the real world. Any parent who is looking for a quality after school program for their child where the child is taught not only care about themselves and excel, but also to care about others should look into this program..". Continue reading


InFUSE - Empowerment Program featured in the Evergreen Times Article written by Brenden Pragasam